The Founding of Edge Hill Baptist Church

Edge Hill Baptist Church was founded on October 10, 1854 after the order of the United Baptists of Virginia, in connection with the Roanoke Association. The constituting congregation was composed of Elders William H. Plunkett, Peter M. Reeves, William M. Rogers and John B. Hardwick.

On March 21, 1857, Sarah J.C. Johns (nee Dillard, daughter of Lynn Dillard and Mildred Ward, and the widow of Edmund Johns) paid the sum of $1.00 and made a deed for the purpose of having a meeting place for Edge Hill Baptist Church.

The Church covenant was made entered into at Edge Hill meetinghouse on January 31, 1874 by the members who comprised the Church called Edge Hill.

Henry Worsham (1833-1911), son of Archibald Dunnavant Worsham and Dolly C. Bruce; Ulum Barker Simpson (1843-1916), son of Coleman Simpson and Sytha Lucas Hines; and Jack Moon, of the Pleasant Moon family also deeded land to the Church.

In 1947, Sunday School rooms were added onto the Church, replacing the original curtain-partitioned class arrangement in the one-room building. In 1948, a central heating system was installed; and in 1958, the interior and exterior were remodeled. This renovation included the installation of stained glass windows as well as the addition of a vestibule and steeple. The Church was then encased in red brick. In 1981, chimes were installed in memory of Effie Moon.

In September 1990, land was purchased from Beulah Vaughan (1912-2003), daughter of Thomas David Layne and Nannie Moon, and the widow of Willie Howard Vaughan, to provide additional cemetery space. A ramp and boxwoods were added a short time later. Other additions to the Church consisted of new carpeting, tile, hynmals and pew cushions.

In 2003, an audio room was created in a portion of the existing vestibule. In 2004 new electronic chimes were installed in memory of Wayne Moon.

During the 150th Anniversary Celebration, the church family committed to the future development of a Family Life Center.

2009 Family Life Center dedicated.

September of 2011 an LED church sign was dedicated.

Edge Hill Baptist Church Pastors

1930 Rev. Nester
1940 Rev. Jones
1955 Rev. G.C. Lynch
1959 Rev. Glen D. Greenway
1962 Rev. Calcutt
1964 Rev. Frank Riley
1969 Rev. Bert Johnson
1978 Rev. Peter Debrnl
1979 Rev. Tommy Speight
1982 Rev. Darrell Poole
1987 Rev. Billy Robertson
1993 Rev. Michael Jordan
1996 Rev. Charlie Harwood
2003 Rev. Brandon S. Park
2008 Rev. Chris Brooks